Prof. Leanne D. Chen (Curriculum Vitae)

Group Leader

Growing up, Leanne was mesmerized by mathematics and loved solving puzzles with her grandfather. She attended the Toronto-based TOPS Program in high school and enjoyed (perhaps more so than the regular curriculum) participating in activities such as bridge and the Rubik's Cube Club. She found her affinity for chemistry while attending Queen's University and was able to combine these two subjects in an NSERC-USRA project, a collaboration between Nicholas J. Mosey and Suning Wang. She decided to continue pursuing her interest in Computational Chemistry during her PhD at Stanford University, where she focused on unravelling the discharge mechanisms of batteries and the second-order effects of electrolyte in catalysis under the tutelage of Jens K. Nørskov. She then moved to the California Institute of Technology for her Postdoctoral Scholarship and further augmented her training in the group of Thomas F. Miller III. She is very pleased about returning to Canada to start her independent career. In her spare time, Leanne enjoys taking photos, playing the piano, and finding ways to be creative in all aspects of life.

Princess Peach

Princess Peach was a rescue from the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society and later transferred to the Guelph Humane Society from where Leanne adopted her. She has a very loving temperament and takes the stress out of a long work day. Her name references her colouration as well as one of the first video games Leanne has played.